You can count on Doosan to let your equipment excell in reliability. 

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Parts Warehouse

When you have machinery to maintain, Doosan helps you to get the maximum return on your investment. Our team is ready to help you keep your equipment at a high level. Enjoy easy access to the solutions you need, including the latest technical support, aftermarket parts, training and new product/service information. Doosan has invested heavily in a European Parts Distribution Centre in Sint-Niklaas, with a stock of €3.0 million in spare parts. We ship daily to an average of 20 different countries, directly to the customer sites or to your local Doosan depot to ensure that you get your forklift truck up and running in no time.

Our parts availability is over 95% and we are supported by our local and Korean parts centres for emergencies and very slow moving items. Our goal is to supply original Doosan parts at the best possible prices with industry-leading availability, so that the total cost of ownership of your Doosan machine is lower than that of any of our competitors.

Doosan Genuine Parts

Trust the performance of Doosan parts for your machine. Don’t settle for anything less. Doosan partners are the best source to ensure that the parts used for your repair and maintenance are factory-approved. They also know your equipment, inside and out, and have the parts inventory to keep your machine up and running.

Why to use Doosan parts? 

  • Maximize the resale value of your equipment
  • Backed by a six-months or 1000 hours warranty
  • Optimize the productivity of your equipment
  • Doosan Partners are backed by our world-class Parts Center located in Belgium
  • Lower maintenance costs

What we offer

Hand Pallet Truck (HPT)

The Doosan 2500kg capacity hand pallet truck range is ideal for transporting heavy weights over short distances, in confined areas where powered equipment may not be suitable for safety or budgetary reasons.

Options include:

  • Various fork lengths and widths
  • Low profile model for printers pallets
  • Weight scale
  • Polyurethane, rubber or nylon tyres
Fleet Master

Fleet Master is our brand new fleet management system that helps you to lift your business to the next level. Connect your material handling equipment and receive accurate and up to data about your fleet in real time. The system, which is developed in collaboration with the specialized software company Kiwitron, can boost your business, improve the safety conditions in your warehouse and raise productivity to new levels. Fleet Master is easy to install, even if your fleet has different forklift brands. The system is supplied with all the essentials to help you to manage your whole fleet. If Fleet Master is installed on an electric Doosan forklift, error codes and some selected parameters from the CAN-network will also be visible in our fleet management system.

We’ve added a new product to fight COVID-19. We have developed a pedestrian tag that monitors the distance between people and alerts the workers in case of any risk when the safety distance is not respected. 

Doosan Genuine Oil

The Doosan oil and lubricants are co-developed by Doosan forklift engineers for Doosan forklifts. They guarantee: 

  • Better dispersion to work with higher level of soots
  • Better detergency to minimise deposit formaton
  • Suitable for very low (10ppm) and very high (50ppm) sulphur content fuels
  • Superior protection against corrosion caused by the acidic by-products of the combustion process
  • Improved protection against the higher operating temperature

We offer a full range of possibilities to power your forklifts/warehousing and your customer’s. Equipping your customers’ forklift with Midac, is providing them with a genuine high-level brand at competitive market pricing. It will enhance the performance and status of the forklift, much more than selling brand batteries of cheaper prices. We will be cover your battery needs for the Aftermarket, as well as for your new equipment sales.

Maintenance Kits

Ready-to-use kits, containing the necessary items to perform maintenance of each type of forklift at a specific interval.


  • Doosan genuine parts selected according to maintenance regulations
  • Correct products for each Doosan forklift type
  • Ready-to-use off the shelf
LED Lights

Safety is one of the major concerns when driving a forklift and visibility plays an important role in this. First of all, you need to make sure that you have a clear view of your surroundings, but it is also important that nobody loses sight of the vehicles in and around the company. You can achieve this by using the right kind of lighting.

What kind of lighting does your forklift need? 

A forklift must be equipped with sufficient lights that the safety of the employees is guaranteed. You can achieve this by mounting LED or halogen lights on the overhead guard or fork carriage. This will create an illumanted zone in front of your forklift. Good front and rear lights make you easily visible, even in dark areas such as warehouses.

The standard equipment for your forklift ensures that you as a driver can clearly see where you are driving. Meanwhile, various features have been launched to upgrade your visibility even more. We offer the following:


Normal lights are designed to provide broad lighting across the horizontal plane. When work takes place outside of that area, visibility becomes limited, putting a strain on workers, and making potential hazards harder to identify. Doosan Verti-lights provide lighting for targeted illumination and safer working conditions when working in an area that requires a vertical perspective. The compact design allows it to be placed where it will provide maximum effectiveness for any application.

LED Work Light; 12-110V DC Input

  • Compact flush-mount design for mounting flexibility
  • Three settings: driving, high and full
  • 1,600 Effective Lumens when using full setting
  • Rugged polycarbonate housing
  • Integrated 3-pin Packard connector
Safety Lights

The safety light projects a blue light on the floor to warn other forklift drivers or pedestrians that a forklift truck is approaching. Especially in noisy environments it may be good to use a safety light instead of a back-up alarm to ensure that everyone is warned when a forklift truck arrives. 

Doosan Product Support


Doosan and our dealer network offer you quality support and parts, which will result in maximized uptime and a great residual value if you ever want to sell your forklift.


Doosan provides high-quality support, relying on its extensive dealer network. No matter what the question is, highly-skilled professionals are always ready to help you, guaranteeing maximum uptime.


Our Training Department frequently organizes trainings for our dealers about various topics to make sure that all our dealers have the same and most up to date information about the equipment.


Doosan’s product support team and our dealers’ service technicians are ready to act quickly and appropriately.