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Electric forklifts 8.0 to 10.0t


Doosan has expanded our electric line-up with the first high-capacity electric forklift series.
The B80NS, the most powerful and stylish electric forklift in its class. You get the most comfortable and safe working environment with zero emissions and a low noise level. In addition, the trucks are easy to drive or operate with good visibility.

Why a Doosan electric forklift is the right fit for your industry?
• Low noise level
• Environment friendly / zero emission
• Reduced total cost of ownership (TCO)

Save up to € 77,340 / £ 69.670*

* See product brochure for more information


Large Entry Step with
Anti-Slip Pattern
B60N step plate
Low height of the 1st and
2nd steps to allow the
operator to get on and off
the truck easily and safer.
Multiple entry grab bars
are equipped to ensure a
3 points entry.
Extra Front LED lights

Brighter and last longer
than traditional sealed
beams or halogen lights.

Strobe and Blue Safety Lights

Increased safety for the workplace with maximum visibility. (safety lights are optional)

LED Road Lights
Clear visibility and efficiency whilst working in areas with reduced lighting and prevent hazards/accidents.


Adjustable Column

Steering column is
adjustable in vertical
and horizontal direction
according to the driver’s preference and comfort.

Spacious Operator Leg Room
The thick and large rubber
floor mat, rounded hood
and spacious legroom offer great comfort to the operator.
Premium Grammer Seats
The full suspension (air suspension optional) comfort seat is fully adjustable to accommodate all individual preferences.
Low Seat Position (Full Cabin)

Easy to hop on and off thanks to the high head room the operator has a very spacious operator space at his disposal.


360 ° Visibility

Thanks to the large glass around the operator. The high visibility makes driving a forklift with a load safer and contributes to even better productivity and driving experience.

Oil-Cooled Disc Brakes

The oil-cooled disc brake system is totally enclosed, for maximum protection against contamination. This maintenance free system ensures maximum uptime, less damage, and zero cost for you.

96V AC System
96V AC system combined with powerful single drive motor gives an unbeatable combination of power, performance and functionality.
Good Visibility Through Roof
Keep a good view of your load thanks to the great visibility through the roof of the operator compartment.


Easy Access to the Main Components

All main components below the cabin make it easy-to-access, enabling easy service.

Battery Change System
Thanks to detachable backplate, the battery change for multiple shifts is easier.
Tiltable Operator Compartment
With the tiltable cabin, all main components below the cabin are easy-to access which makes the service handier
Easy Access Controller

The IP65 rated controller is very reliable, well proven in tough applications and easy-to-access


Worldwide Service Network
Doosan provides high-quality support, relying on our extensive dealer network. Highly-skilled professionals are always ready to help you.
Doosan Genuine Parts
The parts warehouse, supplies high quality Doosan parts to your local dealer. Doosan Genuine Parts perfectly fit your truck.

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