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Electric forklifts 2.5 to 3.5t

4 wheel – 7-Series Plus (80V)

Our 2.5 – 3.5t electric counterbalance forklifts are high powered and offer powerful performance.

The 7-Series Plus is an upgraded model of our 7-Series with improved features like electric foot brake, mast shaking & drive speed control, improved seats and so much more.

Extended maintenance intervals and advanced technology components reduce the overall  aintenance cost of maintenance. The newest in AC control systems provide an unbeatable  ombination of power, performance and reliability. Each parameter is fully adjustable to match  very individual requirement perfectly, providing maximum control and accuracy for every function.

The optimized steering angle reduces the turning radius significantly, which allows to design the most efficient warehouse lay-out.


Fence light

A warning is given to pedestrians by reflecting red lines around the vehicle. Front and rear safety lights are also available.

Panoramic Mirror
The panoramic mirror offers additional safety, to reduce accidents and damage to the truck, products or rack system.
Operator Sensing System
Whenever the operator leaves the seat, the truck travel and mast lifting functions will stop.
Electric foot brake

The brake starts when you release your foot from the accelerator pedal. This technology has been extended to the service brake system. There is no need to replenish brake oil and hydraulic components in Plus products with EFB.


Premium Seat
The newly improved design offers upgraded features like improved endurance, suspension and ease of maintenance.
Reduced noise level

The use of a low-noise drive axle and sound suppression system has greatly improved the driving noise, allowing operators to work more comfortable. The physical sound intensity of the new model is reduced by 37% compared to the current model, so that the perceived sound intensity is also reduced by 70 → 68 dBA.

Finger tip controls
Fast, precise and infinitely controllable fingertip control makes the 7-series effortless and efficient.
Easy and instinctive instrument panel

Operators can control the truck’s performance settings during operation, simply by navigating the instrument panel.


Battery Changing System

The battery changing system makes it easier and faster to exchange the battery. This allows multi-shift operation.

Excellent Visibility
The precisely designed overhead guard profile with angled roof bars provides a clear upward view whilst ensuring ultimate strength for safety. 
Electro-magnetic automatic parking brake (EPB)
Prevents the forklift from rolling back on the slope. This increases the safety, comfort and productivity of the forklift driver.
Optimized Steering Angle

The optimized steering angle reduces the turning radius significantly, which allows to design the most efficient warehouse lay-out. The smallest turning radius enhances productivity in tight spaces.


Cooling performance

Significant improvements in cooling performance by using a centrally driven motor fan.

Reliable Operation
Curtis AC controllers provide an unbeatable
combination of power, performance and functionality. They are very reliable and well proven.
IP43 dust and water protection Drive and Pump
The new sealed controllers are rated to IP65 and the enclosed motors are rated to IP43.
Waterproof improved

Waterproof performance for outdoor use of vehicles has been improved.


Easily accessible controller room

No need to open the hood to access the controller to change settings or connecting the diagnostics tool.

Simply by connecting the laptop to the forklift, a technician can adjust all the parameters to the operator’s wishes. Service can happen easy and fast.
Worldwide Service Network
Doosan provides high-quality support, relying on our extensive dealer network. Highly-skilled professionals are always ready to help you.
Doosan Genuine Parts
The parts warehouse, supplies high quality Doosan parts to your local dealer. Doosan Genuine Parts perfectly fit your truck.

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