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Diesel Forklifts 2.0 to 3.5t

NXS Series

Our 2.0 – 3.5t diesel forklifts NXS-Series are game changers. The NXS Series is our economy range, but follows the same core tradition as our premium 9-Series of delivering simple, powerful performance. We will deliver the best possible value for you.

The Doosan Stage V engine provides an unbeatable combination of power, performance and reliability. Each parameter is fully adjustable to match every individual requirement perfectly, providing maximum control and accuracy for every function.


Operator Sensing System

Whenever the operator leaves the seat, the truck travel and mast lifting functions will stop. This reduces the risk on accidents.

Mast Interlock – Tilt, Lift and Lower
The hydraulic locking system prevents natural lowering and tilting of the mast, even when the operator leaves the truck unattended.
Electric parking brake

The parking brake can be operated by a switch and is automatically activated.

Fence lights (option)

A warning is given to pedestrians by projecting red lines around the vehicle. Front and rear safety lights are also available.


Excellent visibility

The NXS Series forklifts have great visibility allowing the operator to work safely and comfortably. If you opt for a cabin, the enlarged rounded glass and the lowered cowl height provide great forward and upward visibility.

Low noise level

A new powertrain of U-joint type and oil cooled disc brakes are applied which results in low noise and reduced vibration.

Full color LCD display

5-inch is standard, 7-inch is optional. The bright and clear panel is very visible outdoors and keeps the operator informed about the conditions of the machine.

Spacious Legroom

The knee clearance is widened and the tilt cylinder is removed on the floor plate. Acceleration and brake pedal clearance and angle are improved to reduce ankle fatigue.


Outstanding stability

The truck’s centre of gravity is moved backwards and downwards, which improves stability and lifting power. Superior performance in heavy load applications.

Wide steering angle

The increased steering angle makes manoeuvring in small spaces more convenient.

Powerful Gradeability

The combination of the powerful engine, transaxle and new frame structure, has maximised the gradeability. The NXS-Series has no trouble riding up 25% steep inclines.
(D30NXS, Gradeability @1.6km/h, loaded)

Strong and powerful Doosan G2 diesel engine

The NXS-Series offers excellent travel speed/lift speed/gradeability compared to other competitors. Maximise your productivity with the NXS-Series. The complied Euro Stage V engine delivers high torque at low RPM. It effectively improves acceleration, driving, and climbing performance of the forklift.


Integrated type vehicle control unit (VCU)

This smart, innovative system offers the integrated control of various decentralized control units in combination with CAN communication, enabling vehicle diagnostics and management as well as various safety and comfort functions on demand. The system can be updated when new functions are available.

Counterweight top cover

The radiator can be easily inspected and replaced if necessary.

Counterweight rear cover

Easy to check and replace the muffler.


Junction Box

The electronic components are centralized so service can be done quickly and easily.

Removable Side Panel

The side cover can be removed without any tools, just using the knob.

Worldwide Service Network
Doosan provides high-quality support, relying on our extensive dealer network. Highly-skilled professionals are always ready to help you.
Doosan Genuine Parts
The parts warehouse, supplies high quality Doosan parts to your local dealer. Doosan Genuine Parts perfectly fit your truck.

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