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Diesel Forklifts 2.0 to 3.5t


Our 2.0 – 3.5t diesel forklifts are high powered and offer fuel efficient performance. The new world class Doosan 9-Series forklifts continue to follow the core Doosan tradition of delivering simple, powerful performance, whilst most of all, delivering the best possible value for you.

The specially designed ergonomic operator compartment keeps the operator in complete control at all times, improving productivity and reducing stress and fatigue. The new model offers improved visibility and the latest design in ergonomic hydraulic controls. Thanks to an improved durable design and an additional stability system, Doosan’s new 9-Series exceed the highest demands for safe operation.

The new engine provides an unbeatable combination of power, performance and reliability. Each parameter is fully adjustable to match every individual requirement perfectly, providing maximum control and accuracy for every function.


Electronic Parking Brake

The parking brake helps preventing safety accidents. When you stop working and get off the truck, the operator can activate the brake by pushing the button.

Operator Sensing System
Whenever the operator leaves the seat, the truck travel and mast lifting functions will stop.
Ground Speed Control

It is possible to set a speed limit, a different limit can be set up for forward and reverse.

Seat Belt Sequence Interlock

The seat belt needs to be fastenedwhen the operator is seated in order to operate the truck.


Spacious leg room

The knee clearance is widened and the tilt cylinder is removed from the floor plate, giving plenty of legroom.

Adjustable Steering Column

The telescopic steering column can be adjusted depending on the operator’s driving posture, takes up less space and makes it easy for the operator to get in/out of the truck. The compact steering wheel makes driving the forklift more comfortable.

Low Noise Level

The low noise level of 75dB allows the operator to concentrate better and hear more surrounding noise.

Instrument Panel

5-inch is standard, 7-inch is optional. The bright and clear panel is very visible outdoors and keeps the operator informed about the conditions of the machine.


Multi Torque mode
Doosan offers 3 performance engine maps. The 9-Series gives you the opportunity to select the mode to suits your working environment the best.
Doosan Particulate Filter

In order to comply with Euro Stage V, it was necessary to equip our forklifts with a Diesel Particulate filter. Doosan believes it is important to ensure maximum uptime of your truck, so we have made sure that service is reduced to a minimum. Regeneration is automatic.

Fuel Efficient Engine

This G2 Doosan-built diesel engine provides high-torque at low RPM and is specially designed for industrial vehicles. It effectively improves forklift acceleration, drive and climb performance.


Oil-Cooled Disc Brakes

The oil-cooled disc brake system is totally enclosed, for maximum protection against contamination. This maintenance free system ensures maximum uptime, less damage, and zero cost for you.

Full Floating Cabin

The full floating full cabin reduces noise and vibration to a minimum. The 9-Series forklifts are very reliable and long lasting.

IP65 Connector

The connector is rated IP65: the quality of the electronic components has been improved and reliability has been increased. This results in maximum truck availability and reduced service costs.

Longer Service Interval
  • Engine oil: 500hr → 1,000hr
  • Transmission oil: 1,000hr → 2,000hr
  • Drive axle oil: 500hr → 2,000hr
  • Adjusting clearance for intake & exhaust valve: 1,000hr → No adjusting (Auto)
  • Tension adjusting of fan belt: 1,000hr → No adjusting (Auto)
  • Bosch fuel injector


Easy Diagnosis

Diagnosing the condition of the truck can be done with just a cable and a laptop, so that your service technician can act appropriately and service your truck as quickly as possible.

Toolless removal

The floor plate and side panel can be easily removed without tools, which facilitates inspection and reduces service costs.

Worldwide Service Network
Doosan provides high-quality support, relying on our extensive dealer network. Highly-skilled professionals are always ready to help you.
Doosan Genuine Parts
The parts warehouse, supplies high quality Doosan parts to your local dealer. Doosan Genuine Parts perfectly fit your truck.

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