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Diesel Forklifts 10.0 to 16.0t


Our 10-16t diesel forklifts provide superb performance and high power output, thanks to Doosan’s own G2 Diesel Engines.

Rugged reliability has been a major part of Doosan’s ethos for all of its products and the new 9-Series is no different. The strong and rigid chassis frame, designed mostly out of metal, ensures that Doosan is the best choice for all applications. The re-designed all-open cabin that provides the operator optimal visibility at any time from all angles. This enhances workability and safety.


Electric parking brake

The parking brake can be operated by a switch and is automatically activated.

Rear object detection system

When a pedestrian or object is detected in the operating area of the truck, a beeping sound will alert the operator and the pedestrians.

Excellent visiblity

The re-designed all-open cabin that provides the operator optimal visibility at any time from all angles. This enhances workability and safety.

LED headlight

LED headlight for low beam/high beam is applied for the first time in the industry and gurantees a complete LED lamp installation. This contributes to clear visibility and efficiency whilst working in areas with reduced lighting. This helps to reduce maintenance costs and prevent hazards/accidents.


Significantly lower noise level

The over-pressurized cabin ensures that no dust can enter.

  • 2 large air filters clean the supplied air
  • 2 large air filters clean the supplied air
  • Very low noise and vibration level inside the cabin for high driving comfort
Centralized switches
All switches are positioned for optimal operator’s convenience. Ergonomic parking lever position at the left side of seat. The neat and wide-open floorboard provides the operator with plenty of leg space to make the entry and exit a breeze.
Integrated type 7” multi-function display pane

The largest mounted display in its class provides excellent operability and visibility.

  • Front and rear view camera
  • Front and rear view camera
  • PIN code
  • Integrated maintenance management program
  • Weight indicator
  • Diagnostic function
  • Located on A-pillar for optimal view
Convenient and easy-to-use heating, ventilation and air-conditioning (HVAC) system

This system offers integrated heating/cooling/ventilation control, allowing automatic heating/cooling temperature control (full automatic temperature control). The all-in-one heating/air conditioning system with its twin evaporators provides excellent performance.


Closed Center Load Sensing (CCLS)

Uses only the necessary volume of oil depending- on the load, leading to lower fuel consumption and less heating during long-distance driving. This series performs excellently during driving and complex operations.

Auto throttle up

By using any hydraulic function, engine RPM is increased allowing for a smoother hydraulic function without the need of increased use of the accelerator.

Electronic controlled 3-speed transmission (ZF-3WG-171)
  • Large capacity ZF 3-speed 3WG171 transmission
    – Improved power transmission efficiency by stator freewheel
    – Excellent driving and traction
    – 5% higher fuel efficiency compared to previous models
  • Optimized power matching of the engine with the transmission
    – Excellent engine responsiveness, powerful performance and soft gearshift
  • Providing efficient maintenance through the self-diagnosis
Fuel Efficient Engine
  • Stage V conform
    – Exhaust soot cleaning solutions; DPF installed additionally
    – Automatic DPF regeneration
  • Increased combustion efficiency and durability.
    – Fuel efficiency improved by 5%, heat decreased by 20%.
  • Optimized fuel injection function ensures reliable ignition at low temperatures.
  • Power modes (ECO/STD)


Vehicle control unit

This smart, innovative system offers the integrated control of various decentralized control units in combination with CAN communication, enabling vehicle diagnostics and management as well as various safety and comfort functions on demand. The system can be updated when new functions are available.

Centralized Pressure Detection Port

The pump, brake, and steering pressure measurement ports are independently built-in and centralized for easier pressure checking.

Fan Driving System (optional)

The fan speed is variably controlled by the coolant and brake oil temperature to minimise energy loss. The fan reverse function facilitates cleaning of the radiator.

Heavy duty steering axle

Equipped with tapered rollers and spherical bearings to ensure the highest durability at any time.


Junction box

The electronic components are centralized so service can be done quickly and easily.

Cockpit tilting

Automatic/manual cockpit tilt functions are available and the cabin can be opened to 60° with a simple switch, making inspection and maintenance quick and easy.

Worldwide Service Network
Doosan provides high-quality support, relying on our extensive dealer network. Highly-skilled professionals are always ready to help you.
Doosan Genuine Parts
The parts warehouse, supplies high quality Doosan parts to your local dealer. Doosan Genuine Parts perfectly fit your truck.

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